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The only advocacy organization for Montana’s cannabis industry.

We bring medical and adult use cannabis businesses together to speak as a unified voice. The Montana Cannabis Guild is dedicated to helping create a robust, sustainable, and accessible cannabis industry in the Big Sky State.

Empowering Montana Cannabis Businesses

Our bipartisan team is made up of industry professionals, former elected officials and political insiders. We’re dedicated to guiding lawmakers to enact pragmatic and fair policies, and have a proven record of winning both electoral campaigns and legislative victories for the Montana cannabis industry.

Featured Guild Member

At Collective Elevation, our goal is to develop a farming system of complete bio-integration. The result is a farm with a low carbon footprint. We use minimal inputs and produce no outputs that would negatively affect our health or environment.

Latest Montana Cannabis News

Go Behind the Scenes of the Montana Cannabis Industry

Check out the links below to learn more about our work championing the Montana cannabis industry in the state legislature, the history of cannabis in Montana and FAQs for the Guild.

Montana Cannabis Guild Review

The Montana Cannabis Guild is an industry association that aims to preserve and represent the state’s dispensaries, especially the little guys.”

– Leafly

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