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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A guild is an association of artisans and merchants who oversee the practice of their craft or trade. Our mission is to advocate for Montana’s robust community of passionate cannabis craftsmen and craftswomen.

  • The Montana State Legislature meets for 90 days every other year. During legislative sessions we hunker down in Helena to meet with lawmakers. It is our duty to teach them about the plant itself, its efficacy and how they can do their part to help the program succeed. We help guide their decisions on regulatory matters such as dosage limits, taxation policies and program oversight.

    We believe it is imperative that lawmakers see the human face of the cannabis industry and understand what is at stake for all of us. To help break down their stereotypes and preconceived notions of cannabis, we arrange for experts, industry insiders and medical patients to testify on behalf of the Guild during legislative sessions.

    We are always learning. Traveling around Montana and listening to business owners' issues, desires and opinions is a central tenet of our work and helps shape our strategy and goals.

  • There are currently about 40,000 medical patients in the state of Montana. We are thrilled to have an industry that can provide them with safe and effective medicine. Yet we believe that all adults should have the right to consume cannabis responsibly. Recreational cannabis will provide an avenue for infrequent consumers to purchase cannabis, and for out-of-state visitors to enjoy legal cannabis during their stay in our beautiful state.

    Furthermore, many Montanans, including military veterans, are still unable to access the medical marijuana program because of federal policies instituted by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

    It took the passage of Initiative 190, our adult-use legalization bill, to usher in statewide decriminalization and legal homegrow, which both went into effect on January 1, 2021. No adult should be treated as a criminal for responsibly consuming or growing a substance that is objectively less harmful than alcohol.

    Lastly, in light of both declining natural resource revenue and the coronavirus pandemic, Montana is hungry for the revenue generated by legal cannabis. We are happy and proud to create an industry that supports the state we love so dearly.

  • According to a study conducted by the University of Montana, the recreational industry is projected to generate a minimum of $52 million annually once the program is completely up and running, in 2026.

  • The Montana State Legislature determines the allocation of cannabis tax revenue. While they have the final say in the matter, we are fighting to encourage them to allocate funds towards healthcare, infrastructure, education and conservation projects and initiatives.

  • There is ample empirical evidence that legalizing cannabis has no significant impact on crime, youth use or DUIs.

    Not a single state that has legalized marijuana has ever reversed course.

  • If you are a dispensary owner or a business that has clients in the cannabis industry, we encourage you to become a member of the Guild.

    Teach others about the health benefits of cannabis, and the benefits of a healthy cannabis industry.

    Write to your representatives and public officials and ask them to support pragmatic cannabis reform.

    Support your local dispensaries.