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The Montana Department of Revenue has released new Administrative Rules documents.

The two documents have several proposed changes to existing rules and some new rules.

The most notable is that the Cannabis Control Division is proposing a hyper conservative interpretation of HB701 and the 2021 legislative restrictions on advertising in their recently proposed rules.

The proposed rules are available here and would include requiring businesses to list on their advertisements warnings about cannabis’ intoxicating effects” and the potential to be habit forming,” among other warnings.

The size of these disclaimers would have to be at least 10% of the largest type used in the advertisement.

Businesses would be allowed only two 3ft x 3ft outdoor signs and would be prohibited from using any depiction of marijuana, such as a pot leaf.

All advertising would also be allowed only in black font. A green cross would also be allowed to signal the business as a medical marijuana provider.

The rules would go into effect Jan. 12022.

Public Comment Deadline

The deadline is Aug. 23. Comments can be submitted to rule reviewer Todd Olson at todd.​olson@​mt.​gov.