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Policy + Advocacy

We work with legislators and policy makers to foster an environment where cannabis businesses can grow and thrive. 

Impacting Our Cannabis Laws

We meet with lawmakers — both in the capital city of Helena and across the state — to answer their questions about cannabis and to influence cannabis laws, policies and regulations. We regularly conduct economic studies, connect lawmakers with business owners and showcase best practices in mature markets to help inform policy here in Montana. 

Fighting for Montana’s Cannabis Businesses

We regularly travel across Montana to meet with industry leaders and homegrown businesses to learn how we can best advocate for their interests in Helena. We provide business owners with opportunities to connect with lawmakers themselves, and to communicate with each other to strengthen our community.

Advocating for Montana Cannabis Consumers

A thriving industry requires a robust customer base, and we work to ensure that medical marijuana patients have access to the medicine they need, and that recreational consumers can purchase a wide array of effective and safe products as well.